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The Natural Bible

Mapped 1995 by joemorales13820 at gmail. Please note that this Bible section will have to be landscape viewed and that it is a work in progress. I invite others to help in refining this work as I believe it can be a valuable Bible learning aid. Thank you.

In a Successful Study Skills and Strategies class my professor, Educational Psychologist Dr. Nelson Dubois, emphasized the use of symmetrical hierarchical mapping (flow charts) to best process, retain, and recall, text, and lecture material... keeping points, or headings, to 2, 3, 5, or 7 items whenever possible to facilitate learning. This is not to minimize the value of rhyme, story form, metaphor, allegory, and humor in expressing ideas. It is just that assimilating a lot of information requires strategies.

It occurred to me that... If mapping strategies are the way to go... as far as how the brain processed data... then... If the Bible was really the word of the "Creator of Brains"... The Bible would clearly demonstrate this appreciation of how the brain best processes information. In fact... The following shows that the Bible is "true to form" and appears to be mathematically "sealed". Faceted like crystals!

(Note Five Divisions)
5 Books of Moses 12 History Books 5 Poetry Books 5 Books of Major Prophets 12 Books of Minor Prophets
Note the groups of "5" & 12 in OT
(The "Hand" of God in regard to the 12 tribes).
(Note Five Divisions)
5 History Books Paul to 7 Congr Paul's 5 letters 7 Short Misc Letters Revelations (7 This 7 That)
Note the groups of 5 & 7 in NT
(The "Hand" of God in regard to Bible Fulfillment).
Everything in the universe is "patterned" even though we sometimes lack the ability to perceive these patterns. Evidently the older the work the more it resonates with nature for the Bible possesses its own internal law of being.

Unlike the ex theology student, Charles Darwin, I have not had the opportunity to be influenced by totem worshipping tribes and therefore cannot share the enthusiasm for an arbitrary evolution religion and its sacred chimp relics. I perceive everything in creation as having their own internal laws of being such as our solar system, galaxies, or the beautiful symmetry of butterfly wings and I am very aware of some kind of "source", or "entity", that cymatically "resonates" the mathematical shape and nature of things and events. Things do not "evolve" but rather "shake out" from the realm of preexisting potentialities". Organisms appear to adapt because they possess a pre-existing potential to do so. I believe the Bible is a blueprint explain how things "shook out" and that my findings will surprise you as it did me so keep checking this web site out.

Note that the "Catholic Apocryphal Books" are not included here.