...Then god went on to say
"Make the beasts come to be
and make man like you and me."
on the Sixth Creative Day.

Six is the earthling's number.
Six lines with which to ponder
(stacking one upon the other)
all of God's creative wonder

  • One through six unbroken line:
  • Represents pure power positive.
  • Denotes that which is creative.
  • Awakens that which is divine.
  • Right perseverance brings good fortune!
    Issuing from Creation's fountain
    all things take form... even mountain.
    But all things have their season.

    In accordance with heaven's rhythm
    a sage brings peace to every realm.
    Time's no foe if result is wisdom.
    Success! When it's time has come.


    The Creative Dragon is hidden... Don't act.
    The unrecognized great one has no impact.
    However one stays committed and correct
    while waiting for the proper time to act
    (for mere pre-emptive force is not good tact).

    Here the Creative Dragon is in the field
    where effects of light-giving power is wield.
    The great one strikes for ones chosen field
    though still among peers (Greatness concealed).
    Yet one's influence is ever-so-subtly feeled.

    9 IN 3RD PLACE: No disgrace.
    All day long a creative pace.
    Then at night the problems face.

    In touch with time, keeping pace,
    avoiding pitfall & hidden place.
    Ones influence finds open space.

    One is steadied for the marketplace
    as fame commences to go someplace.
    Now everyone wants to interface.

    There are things one must embrace:
    When others are asleep... in peace...
    frets and plans fill your brain-case.

    It is here that I must state my case
    to prevent you from loss of face
    in a change from low-to-high place...

  • Creativity: Ambition can displace.
  • Greatness: Often ruined in rat race.
  • Integrity: Temptation can't erase.
  • 9 IN 4TH PLACE:
    One is in a time of transition.
    In engaging creative disposition
    one formulates a plan of action
    (or withdraws to quiet meditation).
    Of what's right we've no opinion.
    Lean on inner law and intuition.

    9 IN 5TH PLACE:
    Harmonies vibrate together.
    Affinities seek one another.
    Relatives cling together.

    As a dragon, flying in Heaven,
    returns to its heavenly den...
    It is wise to seek the great one.

    The Great Dragon's proud visage is shone.
    "I'm great!", "I'm bright!", "I did it on my own!"
    The dragon is cast into a darkness of its own.

    CAUTIONARY NOTE: If your UPC is comprised of all solid non-moving (no 6 or 9) lines as in UPC#1 or all broken nonmoving (no 6 or 9) lines as with UPC#2 you have a polarized energy field which is an unhealthy state and you are advised to consult with an acupuncturist &/or follow the diets recommended in my book.

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