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Wind blowing over water arouses it
into foam and mist... dissolving it.
Just as egotism blocks the spirit
Gentleness serves to dissolve it.

Kings of old sacrificed and built temples.
But in the case of average individuals...
Winds drive water with influencing ripples
and breezes bring chills... Goose pimples.

As wind over water influences ripple.
the king approaches the temple
leading people by religious example
in ceremony splendid yet simple.

Hearts must be seized by devout emotion.
Facing eternity folk are awed by religion.
The people, stirred with godly intuition,
join in ritual worship... United in devotion.

Sacred music around strong emotion
is shared by all hearts in unison
invoking awareness of common origin
furthered by means of cooperation.

Rigidity is dissolved, ending disunion,
by great deeds thru common concentration.
In great crossings of water all row in unison
with perseverance vanquishing egotism.

Sacred rites and sacrificial celebration
are a spousal-social-family-state integration
where egotism is overcome by religion.
Thus the great kings united their dominion.

In situations affecting general welfare...
personal friendships one must foreswear.
Forsake what is near for what is far.
On the big picture you must be aware.
Being objective will get you somewhere.

Rise Above It ยท Afro Celt Sound System


At such times of hidden human diverging...
With tempers frayed and misunderstanding...
With zeal of horses... Help is in the offering.
Disunion is overcome at the very beginning
before disunion has time for its completing.

When an individual discovers
seeds of alienation in others
(of misanthropy and ill humors)
one must dissolve these barriers.
Inwardly attend to your supporters.
Do not harshly judge your brothers.
Dissolve your saturnine ill humors
and occasion for regret disappears.

6 IN 3RD PLACE: No remorse.
One must dissolve oneself of course.
Self-centeredness one must divorce.
Personal desires one must disperse.
Through strength of your inner force
melt obstacles to social intercourse.

6 IN 4TH PLACE: Resolution.
People just don't give enough consideration.
The group's bond has come to dissolution.
Good luck will result from this dispersion.
It will lead, in-turn, to accumulation.

As a fever breaks, in resolving perspiration,
a great and stimulating idea brings salvation.

One dissolves one's blood.
One leave one's brood.
Keeping them from danger's flood.


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