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The encroachment of evil people do not further
the worthwhile perseverance of the superior.

Brewing under Heaven there is a stagnant odor.
The rational leaves and irrational comes closer
as if everything under heaven enters a stupor.

The growth period is over and the days... darker.
To the world comes rule of darkness and disorder.
The whims of inferior ones is the coming order.

Mistrust comes from influence of the inferior.
Nothing furthers...  Fundamentals are in error.
One is not to be tempted by befuddling offer.

This will only serve to expose one to danger.
The superior one falls upon one's inner core.
One is not to be swayed by the want for more.

One should hold fast to principles superior.
We cannot assent to the meanness of the other.
It is better to hide behind seclusion's door.


Perseverance brings good fortune and success.
One's drawn with another retiring from office.
If it becomes impossible to influence...
It is only by retiring that we avoid regress.
Success can be ours in a higher sense
because we know the value of our humanness.

6 IN 2ND PLACE: They bear and endure.
Standstill helps the one that ís greater.
Inferiors like to flatter their superior.
They would also endure the superior
if this one could put an end to disorder.
One does not mingle with the inferior.
By one's willingness to personally suffer...
Success of fundamental principles endure.

Inferiors have unjustly risen to power
not equal to the job they've taken over.
In their hearts it is shame they bear
...this marks a turn for the better.

9 IN 4TH PLACE:  They bear and endure.
Executing a command of the highest order
minister and ruler unite to bring order.

9 IN 5TH PLACE:  Standstill gives way.
Remain wary of failure.  No time for play.
To ask: "What could go wrong?" is okay.

9 AT THE TOP:  Standstill comes to an end.
The right person is needed to bring the end.
To course of events the great one must tend.
With creative attitude one must order attend.

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